Class News
Our 53rd Reunion was a great success!
We were in the same place as the last 2 years. This is a perfect place to visit with each other. Gary and Kathy Prater Fannin share this 60's Cafe with us and we are so thankful.
We had a wonderful time again.
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Deceased Classmates
50th Class Reunion
1961 State Basketball Champs
Sharon Horgan McDonald, Susie Carter, Johanna Williams Vanover, David Webb
Judy Fry True and Faye Cooper Burns
Selby Litton and his wife
Charlie Fields and Bill Waggoner look like they are solving the world problems. Ha!
Sheila Horgen Rice announced our thanks to Susie Carter to her hard work for over 13 years for our class as head of our committee.
Mike Whitt David and Ramona Van Horn Webb, Roger Bradley
Annie George Likirdopulos and her husband
Judy Fry True, Gary & Kathy Prater Fannin, Richard Fahrson, Susie Carter and Janet Lemaster Turner
Jerry Daniel, Nancy Kazee, Joy Daniel, Faye Cooper Burns and Spouse
Helen Houser, Sharon Horgen Mc Donald, Sheila Horgen Rice Hager Arrington Mary Hall Willson